Awesome NEW Auto Check in Feature

March 28, 2016

We've been working very hard on a new auto-check in feature for our users.  Based on feedback from our users, we have developed a new optional feature for users that drive on the highway while using the ARMS App system.  Auto Check in allows you to use the ARMS system and stay safe, without ANY distractions from your driving operations.

This new feature is available now on both iOS and Android based devices.

How does it work?

We've developed quite an advanced algorithm that determines whether or not you are travelling in a vehicle.  If our app is 100% confident that you are in a vehicle and travelling at speeds above "stop and go" type traffic the app will automatically check you in to avoid any check in alarms, or any distractions to your driving operation.

Once you have stopped, the manual check in timer re-instates itself and regular check in procedures continue.

How do I enable it?

Contact our administration team to have the auto check feature enabled.  There is no cost to use this feature, we just need to enable it for you on your customer account. Once enabled, go into our ARMS Dashboard System and edit each user that needs/wants the feature enabled, and press the button that says "Enable Auto Check In"

That's it!

For further information please feel free to contact us.  Here at ARMS we are always working on new ideas and concepts to improve our product and provide the best possible lone worker safety application on the market.

Thank you,

The ARMS Team