Important new updates to ARMS for iOS

May 9, 2017

ARMS is always working diligently to improve what happens behind the scenes and your use of ARMSAPP. We have a recent update to make our Apple users aware of.

For our iOS users ARMS has now made it possible to provide 'High Priority' audible alerts even when your Apple device is set to vibe or silent mode. Historically if an Apple user had set the phone to vibe or silent, that was the setting (it was non negotiable) and there was nothing we could do about it to notify you when a check in would come due. This would cause some of our users to occasionally and accidentally miss check ins when they did not mean to.

Those notification & programming rules have relaxed somewhat from Apple in the latest version of iOS. We designed and applied for approval for what we call 'ARMS High Priority Notification'. Our approval to categorize this Notification as High Priority and override silent or vibe settings has been issued and the update to include this strategy is now publicly available as Version 1.3.2 on the App Store. Since not everyone is set to 'Auto Update' on their smartphone, we ask our Apple users to please check your apps and if an UPDATE button appears, updates are available, so please install them.

Thank you for choosing ARMS to ensure you arrive home safely from work, day or night! Now don't forget to go get those updates!


The Team @ Arms Reach Monitoring Service