New Features - App & Server Side Upgrades

November 21, 2018

Effective November 21, 2018 watch for updates available (or new app behavior for those on auto-update).  We're constantly working to IMPROVE our product, based on feedback from our AWESOME client base!

What have we changed?

For both iOS and Android users we have made it so that a user is now able to change supervisors from within the app when any Supervisor may come or go from one shift to the next. ADMIN/Supervisors will still have master dashboard control over an end user. Our design is to make it very easy for a Supervisor to switch to another Supervisor for large teams. Supervisor A & B can now swap shifts with end user bases of 20 - where each user will know who their SUPRV is and when. The server end of this is already in place and waiting.

How does it work?

Near midnight just before Wednesday November 21, 2018 ARMS will be releasing both the iOS and Android versions of this app. It can take anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours to become worldwide. Some of you will be set to Auto Update, others will have to check for updates, but it will all be available before tomorrow morning. I suggest you all go to your respective app store and check for available updates just to be sure. There is a graphics change so it will be easy to know if you are running new or old. Once updated you will see the same basic structure and operation with one difference, your DESIGNATED SUPERVISOR is shown to you, the end user. A user can tap on this and a list of available SUPRV's pops up. This list is created and maintained by Company Administrators. A user selects the appropriate SUPRV for his or her shift and hits APPLY.

What else have we changed?

For our Supervisors out there, we have made an allowance on the server side of things to share our Dashboard Mapping for the purposes of RESPONSE. In the past only Company ADMIN could access our Live Dashboard Mapping. In order to empower the ARMS SUPRV for missed Check In events but without giving them full ADMIN control, we have included within our model a shareable LIVE MAPPING link for any overdue worker. This is a massive improvement over the static map supplied to any SUPRV who is not an ADMIN. When a SUPRV receives this link, they can use it themselves or share it with anyone they want. This link is specific to the user in question who has missed their check in. As long as that user remains in a missed check in state, the link to dashboard mapping remains active. It can be shared with ANYONE who is in a position to assist the SUPRV in locating and responding to that overdue worker. No other dashboard access is granted, just to mapping for that one user.When a user checks back in the link is then broken from our sever end, and anyone in possession of the link that later tries to use it will see a message saying 'The user has checked in, the alert has been cancelled'. The link to LIVE MAPPING is broken.

Have we changed anything else?

Yes, we have taken feedback from our users and worked to improve the end user experience. From Check In Alerts that may not have sounded while Bluetooth connected, to AutoCheck ins that may not have worked for you when it works for many others, we have made adjustments to several things all aiming to improve the end user experience. We even moved the Check In button away from the Panic button to distance those two operations.

Please look for these updates to be released and available to you on Wednesday morning. If the graphics on your app have not changed you have an update to go get. You will have to say yes to every permission we ask for. We did make it harder for a user to turn the app on without saying yes to the things we need access to.

Should questions arise please email us at